Policy HSG4: Single Plot Rural Exception Sites for Self and Custom Build Housing

Open22 Jan, 2024, 10:00am - 4 Mar, 2024, 11:59pm

Policy HSG4:  Single Plot Rural Exception Sites for Custom and Self-build Housing

Planning permission will be granted for single custom and self-build dwellings in locations within and adjoining small villages and other rural settlements (not including settlements in Categories 1-3) where the following criteria are met:

Eligibility and local connection

  1. The applicant can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the council that they are in housing need and are unable to identify or afford a suitable alternative home currently available for sale on the open market within the parish or within 5km of the proposed site (excluding within any settlements in categories 1-3).
  2. The applicant has a strong and evidenced local connection to the settlement.


  1. The site is part of or adjacent to a recognisable settlement and does not constitute sporadic or isolated development.


  1. The dwelling size will not exceed 105 square metre gross internal floor space or occupy a plot of more than 0.1ha. Permitted development rights will be removed to ensure the property remains affordable.

Affordable housing in perpetuity

  1. The dwelling is affordable to the applicant. To ensure community benefit going forward, the dwelling must remain affordable in perpetuity, discounted from open market value by at least 30%.


  1. The dwelling must be designed to the high environmental standards set out in Plan’s climate change policies in order to minimise its energy and resource use and support the council’s climate emergency and ecological emergency declarations.
  2. Development must be in keeping with the character, form and appearance of the immediate vicinity and surrounding area.
10.34 The purpose of this policy is to meet a specific need to deliver rural affordable housing for those that cannot otherwise afford to live where they have a strong local connection. It is recognised that these settlements have high house prices and low levels of affordable housing, and this provides a more affordable option by allowing local residents to build or commission their own homes.
10.35 The home will remain affordable in perpetuity through a Section 106 agreement which is registered as a Local Land Charge and through a restriction on the title deeds.  The council will ensure that the new purchaser is paying the prevailing affordable price, and the S106 will include a cascade mechanism to ensure the property is made available to other local people in the first instance.
10.36 Further detail about the requirements of this policy and its implementation is set out in the guidance in Appendix 3.
Implementation and Monitoring

The policy will be implemented through:

  • Decisions on planning applications.
  • Engagement with parish councils and the council’s Housing Department.

The policy will be monitored against:

  • Number and type of new homes approved on single plot rural exception sites.
  • Number of applications for single plot rural exception sites refused.
  • Number of new homes delivered on single plot rural exception sites.


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