Policy SPS5.12: Land adjacent to Weybrook Park Golf Course

Open22 Jan, 2024, 10:00am - 4 Mar, 2024, 11:59pm

Policy SPS5.12:  Land adjacent to Weybrook Park Golf Course

The site, as shown on the Policies Map, is allocated for a well designed and sustainable development that will:

  1.  Make provision for approximately 30 homes
  2. Be in accordance with the principles of the Concept Plan;
  3. Ensure that the development is integrated with, and well related to, the neighbouring Weybrook Park Golf Course site allocation (Policy SPS5.9) in terms of issues such as siting, scale, layout, integration with footpath and cycle routes, and infrastructure provision;
  4. The siting, density, scale, layout, character and hard and soft landscaping of the development must respond positively to, and take opportunities to enhance: the landscape qualities of the site and wider area; the context of the neighbouring built environment; and the local distinctiveness of the area. This will require the retention, and enhancement where appropriate, of the trees and hedges along the boundaries of the site.  The design and layout of the development on its outward facing edges will enable a suitable transition to the adjacent countryside;
  5. Protect and enhance key species and habitats, prevent detrimental impacts and, where unavoidable, mitigate the impact on protected species and habitats, and secure the creation and management of linkages that provide high levels of habitat connectivity within the site and to the wider green infrastructure network.  The development will provide a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain together with a site management plan;
  6. Ensure that the layout responds positively to the full extent of the archaeological constraints and successfully mitigates any archaeological impacts.


  1. Make provision for suitable amounts of open/green space in accordance with the council’s Green Space Standards. This needs to create an effective green infrastructure network (incorporating pedestrian and cycle routes where appropriate) within and through the development (utilising appropriate planting in order to support their biodiversity and landscape function), and which link to the surrounding countryside, to habitats and Public Rights of Way. The delivery of green space will need to be provided alongside development parcels in order that there are facilities for residents to use by the time that housing is occupied;
  2. Ensure that a safe, suitable and convenient access is provided for all users, including to local facilities and services, together with onsite turning and servicing facilities;
  3. Provide or contribute towards suitable infrastructure for sewerage (on and off site), foul water and other utilities.
  4. Incorporate the provision of on-site sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).


6.148 The site, which would form an extension to Basingstoke, is allocated for approximately 30 homes, which are to be provided via a range of suitable dwelling types and tenures including 40% affordable housing. It will be important to the ensure that the development of the site is well related to neighbouring Weybrook Golf Course site allocation, in relation to issues such as siting, scale and layout.
6.149 It will also be important to co-ordinate the infrastructure required to serve the development with that which will be provided for the Weybrook Golf Course allocation. In particular, the site must be well integrated with, and connected to the walking and cycling network which will enable access for all users to nearby facilities including education and community facilities.
6.150 Proposals are to be informed by a coordinated and integrated approach to green infrastructure provision which links with adjoining sites within and through the development (utilising appropriate planting in order to support their biodiversity and landscape function), and which links to the surrounding countryside, habitats and Public Rights of Way. Ensuring the achievement of 10% biodiversity net gain on site is a key requirement. This will need to be achieved in a manner which reflects the mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimise, remediate, compensate).
6.151 The scale of the new housing development should be of no more than 2-storeys in height. This is needed to mitigate the impact of the development on the setting of the North Wessex Downs National Landscape and on the adjoining well vegetated edge to Basingstoke to the south.
6.152 Development should enable the protection, and enhancement where appropriate, of the trees and hedges along the boundaries of the site. Development should face out towards these boundaries as much as is practically possible over an appropriate depth of buffer.
6.153 The site is adjacent to a number of important archaeological sites and to the line of the Roman road. If or where the Roman road survives as an earthwork it should be protected in situ. Where it survives as an historic line in the landscape (in this case defining the west edge of the site), the design and layout should respect and reinforce this line in order to retain its contribution to local distinctiveness and sense of place.
6.154 The site in in single ownership and is relatively unconstrained. The site is considered capable of being developed independently or could be developed in conjunction with the neighbouring Weybrook Golf Course allocation. The timescales for the delivery of the development will depend on whether the site is developed independently or not but it has the potential to be delivered within the first five years of the Plan period. 

Figure 6.13: SPS5.11:  Redlands Lodge Concept Plan

Map - Redlands Lodge Concept Plan

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