Policy DES4: Internal Space Standards

Open22 Jan, 2024, 10:00am - 4 Mar, 2024, 11:59pm

Policy DES4:  Internal Space Standard for New Dwellings

Development proposals for new homes must meet the Nationally Described Space Standard[1].

11.37 All new housing should have sufficient internal space to cater for a variety of different household needs. This policy therefore requires new homes to meet the Nationally Described Space Standard. This is vital for the health and well-being of residents and to ensure the delivery of good quality homes.
11.38 This policy applies to market and affordable housing, including conversions and change of use proposals. The current internal space standards are set out on the Government's website. Applicants are required to demonstrate how the internal space standards have been applied. Applicants are encouraged to provide a schedule of dwelling sizes along with floorplans no smaller than 1:100 scale, with metric room dimensions identified and the gross internal area (GIA) clearly stated.
11.39 Proposals that do not meet the space standards will need to be very robustly justified by viability or other relevant evidence. Non-compliance with this policy will only be acceptable in exceptional circumstances and, in any such instances, the application will need to robustly demonstrate that the standard of accommodation provided will deliver a high standard of amenity for future residents.
Implementation and Monitoring

The policy will be implemented through:

  • The determination of planning applications.
  • Specialist design advice provided in relation to pre-application submissions and the determination of planning applications.
  • Design based guidance set out in the Design and Sustainability SPD and other documents such as masterplans, planning briefs and design briefs.

The policy will be monitored through:

  • Recording whether the standard has been adhered to as part of the annual Authority Monitoring Report.
  • Identifying within the Authority Monitoring Report any applications which fall below the space standard requirements and analysing the reasons for this



[1] Including any subsequent revisions of the standard following the adoption of the Local Plan Update.