Policy SPS5.3: Hounsome Fields

Open22 Jan, 2024, 10:00am - 4 Mar, 2024, 11:59pm

Policy SPS5.3: Hounsome Fields

The site, as shown on the Policies Map, is allocated for a well-designed and sustainable development that will:

  1. Make provision for approximately 750 dwellings;
  2. Be in accordance with the principles of the Concept Plan;
  3. In addition to the mix of dwelling sizes and types, make provision for a proportion of self-build units and also, in conjunction with other sites, a permanent, pitch/plot provision to meet identified accommodation needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople in the borough, such needs being identified in the council’s Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (and any updates);
  4. Include the provision of social and physical infrastructure, including the provision of a community centre, local shopping facilities, indoor sports facilities a three form entry primary school, and early years facilities, with an Infrastructure Delivery Strategy to demonstrate that the needs of the development sites in south-west Basingstoke, including outdoor sports, have been comprehensively planned and will be met;
  5. Respond positively to the special characteristics and sensitivities of the landscape, ensuring that the density, heights and layout of buildings respond positively to the site and its setting, create an attractive gateway into Basingstoke, and minimise any visual impact;
  6. Include a robust landscape strategy that creates a strong defensible boundary between the site and open countryside, respecting the Roman Road as a landscape feature and existing hedgerows and woodlands. The layout should incorporate the existing landscape structure within the proposal, reinforcing and extending the existing green infrastructure network within the site, ensuring that links are made with the green infrastructure network outside the site;
  7. Conserve and enhance the architectural and historic significance of the Grade II listed Southwood Farmhouse and its setting, which lies close to the south western boundary of the site, subject to allowing a sufficient landscape buffer to preserve a sense of the rural setting and context of the listed building, and ensuring that adequate mitigation measures to protect its setting are put in place;
  8. Include measures to mitigate the impact of development on the local road network including improvements to the A30 corridor;
  9. Provide all-purpose vehicular accesses from the Winchester Road (A30), ensuring that the most appropriate location for this is identified, taking into account the requirement to provide vehicular access to site SS5.2 (Basingstoke Golf Course);
  10. Include measures to improve accessibility by non-car transport modes, including the provision of internal walking and cycling routes linked to existing external routes, the Public Rights of Way network and the Strategic Cycle Network, with direct access to the town centre and facilitating improved access towards Dummer, improving the links to the existing Winchester Road bus stops and providing safe and convenient crossing points for the A30;
  11. Ensure the provision of public transport from the outset;
  12. Make provision for vehicular access requirements that may be needed to serve future development to the north-west of the site;
  13. Ensure adequate infrastructure is provided for sewerage (on and off site) and surface water drainage and produce a drainage strategy;
  14. Avoid development and points of access in the vicinity of the part of the site falling within flood zone 2;
  15. Include appropriate open space/green infrastructure, including allotments, to meet local needs in line with the council’s adopted standards, providing links to the existing green infrastructure network;
  16. Ensure acceptable noise and air quality standards can be met within homes and amenity areas through suitable design and noise and air quality mitigation measures in light of the proximity of the site to the A30;
  17. Incorporate and/or promote renewable and low carbon energy technologies;
  18. Ensure, through joint masterplanning and joint infrastructure planning that it provides for a comprehensive development with Basingstoke Golf Course (Policy SPS5.2) allocations, and provides pedestrian and cycling connectivity to Longacre and Southern Manydown (Policy SPS5.4).
6.42 Hounsome Fields was allocated for approximately 750 new homes in the Local Plan 2011-2029. The whole site has outline consent and a first phase is currently under construction. The site will be well connected to the Basingstoke Golf Course site and Southern Manydown to provide a high quality, comprehensively planned, infrastructure-rich extension to the south-west of Basingstoke. The concept Plan for the site is located alongside Policy SPS5.2:  Basingstoke Golf Course.