Policy SPS5.11: Redlands Lodge

Open22 Jan, 2024, 10:00am - 4 Mar, 2024, 11:59pm

Policy SPS5.11:  Redlands Lodge

The site, as shown on the Policies Map, is allocated for a well designed and sustainable development that will:

  1.  Make provision for the delivery of approximately 16 homes;
  2. Be in accordance with the principles of the Concept Plan and the Land to the East of Basingstoke vision;
  3. Ensure that the development is integrated with, and well related to, the neighbouring East of Basingstoke site allocation (Policy SPS5.6) in terms of siting, scale, layout, integration with footpath and cycle routes, and infrastructure provision;
  4. Ensure the provision of safe, suitable and convenient access for all users via the East of Basingstoke allocation site, or from development to the north of the site (on the former allocation site known as Redlands), whilst also accommodating users of the public footpath (Sherfield on Loddon Footpath 4).
  5. Ensure the provision of measures to prevent vehicular access between this site and the A33 via the existing drive and the public footpath (Sherfield on Loddon Footpath 4).
  6. The siting, density, scale, layout, character and hard and soft landscaping of the development must respond positively to, and take opportunities to enhance: the landscape qualities of the site and wider area; the context of the neighbouring built environment; and the local distinctiveness of the area. The design and layout of the development on its outward facing edges should enable a suitable transition to the adjacent countryside. This will require the retention, and enhancement where appropriate, of the tree belts and hedges along the boundaries of the site.
  7. Include measures to avoid and mitigate the impact of development upon key species and habitats and enhance habitat connectivity. The development will provide a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain together with a site management plan;
  8. Undertake technical investigation and assessment of all sources of flooding (including surface water and groundwater) to determine the flood risk management measures which are required to ensure sustainable development and incorporate the provision of on-site sustainable drainage systems (SuDS);
  9. Opportunities will be taken to better reveal the significance, including the setting, of heritage assets in the vicinity of the site, safeguarding important vistas and views;
  10. Ensure that noise impacts arising from the A33 and nearby incinerator, sewage treatment works and industrial uses are successfully mitigated through careful design and layout, and the provision of substantial buffers; and
  11. Given the proximity of the incinerator and sewage treatment works, ensure that acceptable odour and air quality standards can be met within homes and amenity areas.
6.141 The small greenfield site is allocated for approximately 16 homes. Given its proximity to the East of Basingstoke allocation it will be important to ensure that proposals for the site are well integrated with that allocation in terms of siting, scale and layout.
6.142 It will be important to co-ordinate the infrastructure required to serve the development. The site must be well integrated with, and connected to, other developments in this location via a suitable walking and cycling network which will enable access for all users to nearby facilities including education and community.
6.143 Given the significant traffic flows carried by the A33, the restrictive nature of the existing access between the A33 and the existing narrow drive from the A33, as well as the presence of the public footpath (Sherfield on Loddon Footpath 4), it would not be appropriate for this route to provide vehicular access to serve the redevelopment of this site.  Therefore, access to the site would need to be either from the neighbouring East of Basingstoke allocation to the west or the development to the north (the former Redlands allocation). 
6.144 Proposals are to be informed by a coordinated and integrated approach to green infrastructure provision which links with adjoining sites within and through the development (utilising appropriate planting in order to support their biodiversity and landscape function), and which links to the surrounding countryside, habitats and Public Rights of Way. Ensuring the achievement of 10% biodiversity net gain on site is a key requirement. This will need to be achieved in a manner which reflects the mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimise, remediate, compensate).
6.145 In order to ensure there is an appropriate transition to adjacent countryside and to avoid a hard edge to development, the layout along the eastern edge of the site should be of a lower density and scale with a greater separation of buildings.  Open spaces along the edge should incorporate suitable levels of planting (including trees and hedging) to help give a soft transition to the countryside. Development will need to face out to the countryside to provide active frontages, with no rear gardens facing outwards and also avoid prominent parking areas on the edge of the site.
6.146 A deep buffer is required between housing and the northern boundary to protect long distance views of the trees which occupy this boundary along a ridgeline.  Housing will be limited to a scale of predominantly 2-storeys in order to not prejudice these longer distance views of the well-treed ridgeline. 
6.147 The site in in single ownership and is relatively unconstrained.  The timescales for the site’s delivery are likely to be largely driven by its relationship with the neighbouring East of Basingstoke allocation.

Figure 6.12: SPS5.11:  Redlands Lodge Concept Plan

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